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Knows the Process
August 2019
If you are looking to buy a home, look no further…call Deborah Zacharatos!!!!
            In May, I decided I wanted to purchase a home.  I forgot what app I used but I came across Deborah and a couple of others.  Deborah was the only one that requested to get to know me and explain the buying process.
Really, the touchy feely?  Yes, the touchy-feely.  I met with Deborah because she was interested in learning about me and my desires in a home purchase and wanted me to learn about her and how she could help me achieve my dreams. 
            This was my first home purchase, after all.  She patiently walked me through the home buying process.  When I was finally ready to buy in July, we looked at homes on a Thursday and extended a verbal offer and it was accepted that night and officially accepted on Friday.  Wow!!!!!  I’m still pinching myself that I found the home of my dream…so quickly!!!!  In this very competitive market she won the house I wanted.
            All I have to say is, if you’re looking to buy in the Bay area, look no further.  Call Deborah Zacharatos.  She is very knowledgeable of the regulations involved in buying a home in California!
            Thanks Deborah for everything!
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